Quick mounted ball valve

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Quick mounted ball valve

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Quick fit ball valve parameters [Valve body material]: 304, 316, 316L [Valve element material]: 304, 316, 316L [Seal valve seat]: NBR, EPDM, PTFE, silicone rubber [Pressure rating]: 1.6MPa [Nominal diameter]: DN25-DN150 [Structure]: integrated [Connection method]: clamp quick fit [Temperature range]: PTFE: - 30 ~ 180 ℃ [Pneumatic accessories]: reversing solenoid valve Limit switch, air filter pressure reducing valve, electric positioner, hand wheel mechanism [Pneumatic actuator]: double acting, single acting, normally closed Single acting normally open 【 solenoid valve voltage 】 : AC220V/110V/380V/24V 50/60HZ DC24V/12V+10% to - 10% Material: stainless steel Connection type: quick installation Nominal diameter: DN10-DN200 mm Applicable medium: oil pressure environment: normal pressure Working temperature: normal temperature Driving mode: electromagnetic flow direction: unidirectional standard: national standard parts and accessories: accessories Usage: adjustment type: straight through type Object: power station

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